Organic Wholesale Kaffa Coffee From Ethiopia - Ethiopian Wild Coffee
USDA certified, 100% organic specialty coffee harvested purely from a protected Ethiopian rainforest.
specialty coffee, organic coffee
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We know you’re going to love our coffee. Here’s why.

The Perfect Environment

The worlds’s last coffee growing rainforest is in the highland region of Southwestern Ethiopia. The wild-growing, genetic root of all the world’s coffee, our coffee grows wild under the rainforest canopy as it has for millennia – just as mother nature intended.

Hand Harvested

Our farmers walk over a mile from their villages to reach the protected rainforest before venturing under the ancient canopy where they hand-pick only the ripest coffee cherries using hand-woven baskets as tradition dictates. The forest’s best fruits are brought back to be washed and packed.

Wet Washed & Dry Packed

Wet-processing results in a coffee that is cleaner, brighter, and fruitier. The processing method is usually the largest contributor to the flavor profile of a coffee. However, a perfect microclimate and soil are the most important contributors to our unique flavor profile. 


Ethiopian Wild Coffee
Each Cup You Drink Helps Preserve the Rainforest
By Providing 40,000+ Direct-Trade Jobs

Premium Quality

Our Coffee grows naturally in the rainforests of Southwestern Ethiopia, the only region on earth that coffee still grows wild in its indigenous environment. Like other wild herbs, berries and honey, wild forest coffee enjoys unique flavor and nutritional advantages over conventional farm-raised coffee varietals.

Direct Trade

We have forged a partnership with a unique farming coalition in SouthWest Ethiopia.  With our Direct Trade practices, our farmers are guaranteed the best prices thus helping to stop deforestation by providing economic value to the natural coffee forest. (Currently we are employing over 40,000 farmers.)

Small Batch Roasting

The Ethiopian Wild Coffee Roasting Club lets our Master Roaster curate your coffee experience. Enjoy some of the finest beans the world has to offer – roasted to order in small batches by our Master Roasters. Our roasts range from a wildly floral & fruity blond roast to the creamy, yet smoky cocoa tones in our French Roast.


We offer a variety of fresh coffee as well as coffee-based products.


Natural. Organic. Earth-friendly.

Our coffee truly has a story to tell. Today only 2,000 sq. km of wild coffee growing rainforest remains in Ethiopia, and only 5% of all Ethiopian coffee can be considered wild.  Because Coffee plantations produce a much higher coffee yield than a natural coffee forest, local populations have a strong incentive to clear their natural forests and create coffee plantations.  Much of Ethiopia’s rainforests have been cleared to grow cash crops, and wild coffee was projected to become extinct by the year 2020 once the rainforest disappears forever. 


In the last decade however, organizations from around the world have partnered with the Ethiopian Government and the local people of Ethiopia to avert this ecological disaster.  Programs have been put in place to ensure that wild coffee is not being over-harvested, and that the coffee rainforests are not being abused in any way.  Environmental experts agree that the key to halting deforestation is to add economic value to the natural coffee forest.  This can be accomplished by bringing to the international public the rainforest’s most delicious product – 100% natural, 100% organic Ethiopian Wild Coffee.  Together, we can support rainforest conservation, natural food produce, small village farming, and the preservation of the purest coffee in the world by filling our cups with Ethiopian Wild Coffee.


Make sure to read our blog to get the full story of Ethiopian wild forest coffee and the plight of the farmers who harvest this amazing forest coffee fruit and the unsurpassed quality of Ethiopian coffee. Try our amazing coffee so you can taste for yourself what nature intended coffee to be.


  • 100% wild forest coffee from Ethiopia,
  • Grade 2 certified 100% organic Ethiopian Arabica,
  • The wild growing genetic root of all Arabica coffee,
  • Traditionally hand picked and wet processed,
  • Naturally regenerating coffee beans, never seeded or planted,
  • Naturally shade grown under wild rainforest canopy,
  • Grown in the highland region of Southwestern Ethiopia, the most natural and perfect coffee growing environment in the world.


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