For Your Office - Ethiopian Wild Coffee
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Office Coffee Equipment

No matter the size of your office, we have the right brewing equipment for you. From our small-batch brewing systems to our head-turning cold brew kegs, our machines are calibrated to give you the best cup of coffee every time. If you have a problem, we’ll come and fix it personally.

The brewers below are just some of our most popular options, but our tech team is always happy to work with you to get the right equipment for your needs. Each office is different, and EWC’s goal is to give you the best possible brewing solution.

Office Service

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We do everything to make your life easier and your coffee better.

All of our equipment comes with complimentary full service handled by skilled professionals at EWC.  We set up our machines so they’re easy to use, effortless to maintain, and calibrated for the best cup possible.  To make sure they stay that way we take some extraordinary steps:

  • Regular airpot swaps and coffee area cleanup.  We deep clean all your equipment so the taste of your coffee isn’t affected.
  • Free equipment maintenance.  Have a question?  Call us and you will get a live person, every time.  If the issue can’t be solved over the phone, our tech will be at your office in short order to fix the problem and get your coffee flowing.
  • All equipment comes with simple brew instructions so everyone knows how to prepare the best cup of coffee.
  • Have lots of meetings and need more coffee?  We lease extra airpots for a small fee.  We’ll also replace them monthly so they are always clean.


We are dedicated to keeping our equipment meticulously maintained, and our service attentive.  We want you to love your machine and the coffee it makes.  It takes more effort on our part to do things this way, but to us, it’s worth it.


For companies interested in trying our coffees, and learning more about how Joyride works, we offer in-office coffee tastings. They’re a fun and delicious way to learn a little more about coffee, our service and to try our offerings for yourself.